Is a Paleo Pregnancy an Easy Pregnancy?

Is a Paleo Diet the Key to a Trouble-Free Pregnancy?Is a Paleo Pregnancy an Easy Pregnancy

Not necessarily.

I saw a forum thread recently on the subject of pregnancy while Paleo. It’s filled with posts from frustrated women. Most of them say something to the effect of: “I heard that if I followed a Paleo diet, I wouldn’t experience morning sickness/illness/excessive weight gain. What am I doing wrong?”

One of the many issues with the Paleo ideology is that it tends to make you think that if you eat all the right things, you can fix all that ails you.

And if you’re eating foods that our ancestors ate, well, you’ll achieve the perfect pregnancy and the perfect weight and generally the best health imaginable for you and your baby, amen.

This simply isn’t true. Continue reading

Natural Hygiene Tips: Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

Natural Hygiene Helps Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

Natural Hygiene Tips - Paleo Pregnancy Guide Natural hygiene methods help you to avoid many dangerous chemicals contained in things like soaps, toothpastes, and shampoos.

We all know about toxic substances in cleaning supplies, but there are also many harmful additives in personal hygiene products. Many common household items contain chemicals associated with neurodevelopment problems like autism and low IQ.

While it’s impossible to entirely free yourself from exposure, cutting back by practicing natural hygiene tips will help reduce your risks.

There are many natural, everyday products that you can use in place of commercial skin care products. Things like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, olive and castor oils can help to keep you free of chemicals while promoting good health and natural hygiene. Continue reading

Pregnancy Heartburn: How to Deal With The Fires Within

Have you felt the intense burning sensation that many of us know as pregnancy heartburn?

Pregnancy Heartburn | Paleo Pregnancy Guide

You pound your chest as the pain grows stronger. Your face morphs into strange, uncontrollable expressions that tells everyone around that you’re in pain.

Heartburn during pregnancy can be difficult to control, especially if you try to avoid conventional treatments. Even those who follow a Paleo diet, which already steers clear of heartburn-provoking refined carbohydrates, may still struggle with this uncomfortable and potentially damaging condition. Continue reading

Iron Supplements: Do You Really Need Them During Pregnancy?

Do You Need Iron Supplements During Pregnancy?

Vitamin C Supports Iron Absorption

Iron supplements are usually recommended to all pregnant women regardless of hemoglobin levels. But are iron supplements necessary–or even helpful–for all pregnant women?

Telling every pregnant woman that she should take a standard dose of iron doesn’t take into consideration her diet, hemoglobin levels (before they’re tested), weight, or genetic makeup.

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Probiotics and Pregnancy: Beneficial Bacteria Help to Build a Healthy Baby

Probiotics vs. Pathogens

Get rid of the bad by supporting the good

Have you ever seen the commercial that shows a baby crawling on a sparkling clean kitchen floor? We’re warned that bacteria covers household floors all across America–bacteria that will invade the bodies of innocent babies as they crawl around the house.

Probiotics and Pregnancy -

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As our anxiety mounts, the commercial offers a simple solution: bleach! It kills off all of those nasty little buggers that we’ve been taught will make us sick.

And replaces them with chemical residues that kill off all bacteria, both beneficial and pathogenic. Continue reading

How to Survive Morning Sickness While Paleo

Morning Sickness Blues

morning sickness

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This advice may not be popular with the Paleo Purists, but anyone who’s had to endure morning sickness knows that eating becomes very complicated during these fragile weeks.

It’s downright heartbreaking when you can’t get down the healthy foods you know would benefit you and your baby. Before you became pregnant, you were gobbling down fresh salads and grass-fed beef without a problem, then BOOM! Suddenly, those days were all over. Continue reading

Pregnancy Nutrition | Why You Need B12 From Animal Sources

Pregnancy Nutrition - B12

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Are you getting enough vitamin B12? Pregnancy nutrition experts focus mainly on folic acid, but there are other B vitamins, like B12 and choline, that are essential for brain and nervous system development.

Okay, choline isn’t technically a B vitamin, but it’s in the general family.

So how do you make sure you’re getting enough B12? Continue reading

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

how to prevent stretch marks

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There are a number of things you may become instantly curious about when you become pregnant. Near the top of the list is how to prevent stretch marks before they start.

There aren’t any proven, tried-and-true ways to avoid these marks, but there are a number of things you can do to support your skin’s abilities to stretch and bounce back from the trauma of a crazy amount of stretching. Continue reading

3 Good Prenatal Vitamins for a Paleo Pregnancy

good prenatal vitamins

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Good prenatal vitamins are necessary when a tater tot is all you can get down!

Are you having a hard time finding good prenatal vitamins that fit into your real food diet? You’re not alone!

There are a lot of brands out there that contain things like artificial dyes and hydrogenated oils, but several quality brands produce good prenatal vitamins with clean ingredients.

Now, there may be some debate over whether or not you should even take a prenatal if you’re following a nutrient-dense, real-food diet. But many women literally can’t swallow food at certain times during their pregnancies. Even choking down a pill is a challenge. Continue reading

How to Make Simple Homemade Caesar Dressing

Homemade Caesar Dressing

Salmon caesar salad

Homemade Caesar dressing spices up virtually any protein and provides a host of nutrients that are essential for a healthy pregnancy. This dressing makes it simple to throw together a quick and delicious snack or meal without very much effort.

It’s always good to have basic, flexible recipes on hand that don’t require much time or dish washing. These gems make it much easier to stick to a real food diet. Continue reading